Best Turkish Sweets

Best Turkish Sweets

Turks have an undeniable sweet tooth that has translated into a variety of sweets. There are shops that specialize in different kinds of sweat treats – the key is knowing what you want, and which shop to find it in. As you wonder through the streets of Turkey these are the signs you’ll be looking for:

Pronounced (tat-li-jeh). Serves helva, Turkish Delight & ice cream.

Pronounced (shek-er-jeh). Serves cakes, doughnuts, scones & cookies.

Pronounced (moo-hah-le-bee-chee). This is a pudding shop, serving milk and rice-based desserts.

Pronounced (pahs-tah-neh). Serves cookies and syrupy sweets like baklava.

Pronounced (bak-la-vah-jeh). Specializes in serving different types of baklavas.

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