Famous Drinks in Turkey

Famous Drinks in Turkey

Raki is the official drink of Turkey. It’s a black licorice liquor that is served with mezes, fish or oysters. Its poured as clear liquid and then diluted with water turning it into a cloudy looking drink. It’s a Turkish favorite!

Cay is black tea that Turks enjoy plentifully throughout the day. You’ll start and end each meal with a cup as well as having tea breaks at 10am & 2pm. You’ll see the Cayci (Cay Man) walking through the streets with cups of hot cay on silver platters offering tea to shopkeepers and visitors. Don’t be afraid to sit down and chat with a local over a cup of cay.

Turkish Coffee
Turkish coffee is an ancient tradition from Ottoman times. You can order it with or without sugar. It is served with the coffee grounds in the cup so be sure to only sip the coffee so you don’t end up with a mouthful of black coffee grounds.

Wine in this region dates back around 6000 years, with the Hittites making alcohol out of grapes. Over the years, wine became a key component of celebrations. Modern Turkey has many wines that will match the best of American, Australia, Italy, and France. Look for local white wines made from white grapes called emir and narince from the Central region of Turkey, and misket from the Aegean Coast. Try local red wines made from red grapes called okuzgozu grown in the Eastern region, and bagazkere grown in the Southeast region.

If you want to try a local Turkish beer, you can find Efes pretty much anywhere in Turkey.